The only site with non-commercial footage of hotels all over the world!

This website is developed to offer you reviews of hotels / resorts all over the world. Founded in 2013 with the purpose to make footage of all hotels my family and I stayed at.

All clips are amateur made, by travel-maniaks, just like you! No money has been payed to shoot this footage, so I offer you straight forward clips of hotels and resorts, without any commercial intention.

Please feel free to look at the movies on this site. 

This site is still under construction and updated on a daily basis. Please come back soon to see more great hotels!!!

Do you want us to film your hotel/resort for free? Please contact us:

Next stops:

  • Berlin (apr '24)
  • Mexico (apr '24)
  • Lisbon (may '24)
  • Malta (july '24)
  • London (aug '24)
  • New York (sep '24)
  • Bonaire (oct '24)
  • Mexico (jan '25)